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Reasons for Galvanizing: Corrosion performance.

Components Galvanized: All steel parts.

"Hot-dip galvanized steel will remain maintenance free for 50+ years..."

Saint John, NB, Canada




The unforgiving environment of the northern Atlantic coast, replete with strong winds, salt water, and extreme winter conditions, makes the area primed for corrosion. Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel throughout the Canaport Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) regassification plant will combat such corrosive elements with a superior system of cathodic and barrier protection.

"Hot-dip galvanized steel will remain maintenance free for 50+ years..."

Reaching approximately 1,650 feet into the Atlantic Ocean, the port serves as a safe docking environment for LNG ships arriving from around the world. Grating, guardrails, and support structures totaling 250 tons, exposed to the frigid, soggy environment were hot-dip galvanized to prevent the hazardous effects of corrosion in this busy port. Canaport connects natural gas fields from around the world to North America, and will supply nearly 20% of the natural gas for the Northeastern US and Canada in the near future.

For Canaport, the importance of initial versus long-term cost was a high priority the company was looking for a protective coating that would provide a long life span with minimum future maintenance.

Hot-dip galvanized steel will remain maintenance free for 50+ years, saving the cost of constant touch up and preservation, so the port can continue corrosion-free operation for decades to come.

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