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Reasons for Galvanizing: Aesthetics

Components Galvanized: Roof trusses, and connections.

"This project used more than 500 tons of steel, most of which is exposed."

Recreation and Entertainment
Quebec, QC, Canada




Renovation of the 80-year-old Expocite sport stadium in Quebec required a great deal of planning and environmental consideration, not to mention the removal of existing interior structural columns preventing the installation of a hockey rink. The columns were obstructing sightlines for spectators, and the engineers decided the solution was to install external trusses to support the roof from above. The tops of the old columns were used to tie in the new ones, which penetrated the roof to catch the new trusses.

"This project used more than 500 tons of steel, most of which is exposed."

This project used more than 500 tons of steel, most of which is exposed. The massive hot-dip galvanized steel trusses on top of the roof can be seen from Highway 73 (the main artery entering the downtown corridor of Quebec City,) making aesthetics an important consideration. Galvanizing the steel used in the project will keep unsightly rust stains from developing and keep the structure looking freshly renovated. The Expocite was renovated to attract a major hockey tournament in 2008, the Junior World Hockey Championship, and throughout the year various events and expositions are held within. Galvanized steel will keep the structure looking attractive for the large number of people attending events at this location.

Protecting the building's aesthetics was not the only concern for this structure. The close proximity of the salted highway and the cold, damp Quebec climate also made hot-dip galvanizing the preferred system, as the protected steel will stand up to these corrosive elements for generations to come.

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