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Reasons for Galvanizing: Aesthetics, Coating Durability, Corrosion Performance

Components Galvanized: The full gate and fence sections are entirely Hot-Dip Galvanized

"Corrosion is the real monster!"

Duplex Systems, Building & Architecture
Pohénégamook, QC, Canada




Pohénégamook Lake may be harder to pronounce than Loch Ness, but it has similar traits; very deep, dark iron rich water and even a resident monster, in this case named Ponik. He or she has been regularly sighted since the 1880's. While you really shouldn't let the possible intervention of Ponik prevent you from enjoying a swim in Pohénégamook Lake, there are some real dangers here and for steel structures that is corrosion.

Corrosion is the real monster!

The lake straddles the US-Canada border at the very northernmost tip of the State of Maine so the rest of the world seems far away. In fact, they say deer and moose outnumber people here, so everything built here needs to last. The owners of this beautiful lake front home were tired of trespassers using their property to launch boats (perhaps in search of Ponik?) and thereby wrecking their lawn in the process, so they decided to install a gate and fencing.

Fortunately for them they selected a fabricator with an impressive understanding of how to make his works last. The structure would spend much of its life buried in snow, a perfect high moisture environment for rust. So he confidently recommended hot-dip galvanizing because of it's famous durability and surprisingly low cost. When the owners expressed a desire for a darker appearance he offered an even more durable solution... a duplex system. The color flexibility of paint over the rock-solid foundation of galvanizing.

After quality conscious fabrication and architectural grade galvanizing the components were painted in their selected color resulting in a beautiful finish. Still vastly less expensive and much more attractive than any non-ferrous alternatives the duplex enhanced hot-dip galvanized gates should last long enough to be still in faultless service when the true existence of Ponik is finally determined!

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