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Reasons for Galvanizing: Aesthetics, Coating Durability, Ease of Specifying, Prior HDG Experience, Quality of HDG, Sustainability

Components Galvanized: The entire sculpture as well as the anchor bolts in the concrete base.

"Galvanizing is part of the symbolism itself, representing long-term protection."

Artistic, Civic Contribution
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada




Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), a division of Bombardier, an iconic Canadian manufacturer of everything from jet planes and motorcycles to personal water craft, has had a long history of supporting the local community in many ways. One important example of this has been the long standing support of Fleurimont Hospital through a foundation for the University of Sherbrooke Health Center which administers the hospital.

"Galvanizing is part of the symbolism itself, representing long-term protection."

The renowned artist José Boisjoli was commissioned to express this long and fruitful relationship between BRP and the hospital with a physical object.  The result was a sculpture named Solid'ère both its name as well as the sculpture itself are full of symbolism.  The name is a blend of the three French words; solide (solid) and ère (era) together creating solidere (solidarity).  This symbol of fruitful union over time is not only protected and beautified by hot-dip galvanizing, but the galvanizing is part of the symbolism itself thanks to galvanizing representing long-term protection through the union of zinc and steel.

BRP has raised over $14,000,000 in 11 years for the foundation, a wonderful contribution acknowledged now and well into the future with this beautiful symbol placed in a place of honor on the hospital grounds.

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